Monday, May 19, 2014

Who's Steering The Ship of State?

Income inequality, where few hold all the wealth,
Hasn't proven helpful to our economic health.
As we lose the middle class we lose the driving force
For a strong recovery because we've lost its source.

I hate to sound cynical because I'm, mostly, not.
I'm inclined to give something a fair and decent shot,
But I'm an idealist who doesn't understand
How the situation's gotten quite so out of hand.

I've begun to wonder, since we've given this a try
(and we've seen it doesn't work since poor people can't buy
Anything but food and Walmart clothing for their backs.
Unemployment's bad without degrees and worse for blacks...)

Why don't we try something else?  I think it's time we did.
Politicians work for those who've placed the highest bid.
We have got to change the law that lets those bidders hide.
How else will we know if we've been taken for a ride?

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