Friday, May 02, 2014

The Putin Doctrine

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Putin is preparing to invade Eastern Ukraine;
Calculating sanctions will be worth the land he'll gain.
Europe doesn't want the Russians cutting off their gas,
Making more effective sanctions difficult to pass.

John McCain believes Obama should send lethal aid;
Which, I fear, could be the worst mistake we've ever made.
That would only give Kiev false hope we'd joined their fight
And they could depend upon our military's might.

That's not gonna happen... Plus, our sending weapons there,
Still won't change the outcome.  It's a fight that's hardly fair.
Most of Russia sides with Putin...  Russia's pretty big;
Meaning Putin wields a club while Kiev waves a twig.

Short of using NATO forces, Putin's gonna win.
NATO doesn't want a war and won't send forces in.
Any lethal aid we sent could only make things worse;
Putin's actions aren't the kind our weapons would reverse.

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