Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In A Democracy You Get What You Deserve

Weekend saw a few elections held across the pond...
Politicians who would like to loosen ties that bond
European Union member nations won the day.
Tired of austerity, the voters voted "Nay!"

Half of Ukraine voted; not much turn-out in the East.
Faced with armed militias... Don't blame voters in the least.
In the West the winner was a candy billionaire.
Putin said he'd honor the results if they were fair.

Egypt held elections, too; the outcome no surprise.
Winner is a former Army General in disguise.
After leading Egypt's coup, took off his uniform.
In the region, that's not the exception, it's the norm.

U.S. will hold mid-terms soon but most of us won't vote.
By default, we'll let the special interests steer the boat
All the while complaining...  We have got a lot of nerve.
People only get the government that they deserve.

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