Thursday, May 01, 2014

Dear Mr. President... I've Got Your Back

It's better than an F

In the U.S. Senate, John McCain's been talking smack.
Do not worry Mr. President...  I've got your back.
Just ignore the insults you've been getting from McCain.
No one wants a war with Russia over the Ukraine.

Experts said you've been too weak in foreign policy;
They were asked to grade you...  Sir, you only got a C.
(It's still better than the F your predecessor scored)
You're accused of forging plow shares when you need a sword.

Didn't act in Syria when acting might have helped;
Never mind that, since the days when Romulus was whelped,
There've been wars with roots and causes we don't understand.
U.S. can't impose a peace upon a foreign land.

We could help the refugees who've fled that civil war.
Situation's tragic... 'though we're helping, let's do more.
Send aid to the countries who are in the neighborhood.
This time, when we get involved, perhaps we'll do more good.

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