Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Calling the Kettle Black

 D.o.J. has made it clear it isn't playing games;
Issued warrants for arrests that named some Chinese names.
5 men in their military we've accused of hacking...
Though our moral high-ground, after Edward Snowden's, lacking.

Justice claims it's not the same as what our country does;
China spies on companies and that's worse than ours was.
When we spy it's not a crime - when China does it is...
Our Ambassador was summoned.  Glad my job's not his.

Tensions are already high with us and the Chinese
Over actions they've committed on South China Seas.
Philippines and Vietnam are mad at China, too
And they wonder what their U.S. allies plan to do.

Wish we'd picked a better battle than the one we did.
After Edward Snowden's leaks blew off NSA's lid
Seems to me our outrage at their cyber hack-attack
Feels a lot like our pot's calling China's kettle black.


  1. Hi, please drop me a line with your contact details. I'd love to give you a quick call to see if you can do a BBC interview via Skype or phone. natia.abramia@bbc.co.uk

    1. Although I am flattered to know
      You'd like me to be on your show
      I fear that I'm not
      The best choice you've got
      'though I'll gladly give it a go.


      Mrs. Smeej