Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The 112th Congress - Fiscal Slope?

Cartoon by Jim Morin/The Miami Herald

Have you heard the latest?  Fiscal cliff?  It's now a slope.
Isn't an emergency.  No worries.  We can cope.
'though I am an optimist, I think I'm losing hope.
I'm afraid that Congress plans to vote themselves more rope.

I'm not seeing signs that it's a compromise they seek.
Are Republicans too old to hear the People speak?
President Obama's holding meetings all this week,
Looking for solutions and a paddle for the creek.

Aren't there any Congressmen or women - just a few -
Who are just as sick and tired now as me and you
Of the party politics (and Mitch McConnell's view)?
Must be some  agreement on what government should do.

First let's pass extensions for the middle-class, tax cut;
Then address the code itself. Find loopholes you can shut.
Even Grover Norquist can't mind that and he's a nut.
Steer us towards the middle...  Left and  Right are in a rut.

(P.S. Dr. Seussilitis symptoms getting out of hand
If you think I'm crazy, I completely understand.)

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