Friday, November 16, 2012

Across the Pond - Israel: A Conversation With My Son

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Yesterday my youngest son and I were in the car
And (as is per usual) were tuned to NPR.
With the news about Hamas and Gaza on the air
He asked me if I'd explain the problem over there.

Sure, my love...  No worries - and we'll do string theory next.
Once upon a time there were these three, religious sects...
And, depending how far back in history you go,
They all have a claim to land.  Who's right? I do not know.

And, it's hard to say exactly who owned what stuff last.
Many folks want vengeance there, for wrongs done in the past. 
Israel believes they face an existential threat...
That, my son, means it's as big as these things ever get.

Problem is that threat applies, as well, to Palestine.
Both sides shooting missiles; each has crossed the other's line.
Israel's surrounded by a troubled neighborhood.
I'm afraid there may be war and that, my love's, not good.

They must find a path to peace - there has to be a fix.
Find it fast before Egypt and Jordan join the mix.
Don't ask me what they should do.  I haven't got a clue.
Should have gone with quantum physics darlin'.  I warned you.

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