Friday, November 02, 2012

Across the Pond - Egypt: Be A Woman

Punks on the streets of Cairo...  This kid's mom must be so proud.  Photo credit/AP
If you visit Egypt - and you're female - be prepared;
Women walking through the streets have reason to be scared.
In a region that prefers to keep its women veiled,

Total strangers seem to feel they have the right to touch;
Pinch an ass or find a passing breast that they can clutch.
Cannot blame the Arab Spring, Mubarak's overthrow;
Not the Muslim Brotherhood that made the problem grow.

Feminists in Cairo now are few and far between
(Bet they didn't stand for this when Cleo was the Queen)
Now they have an issue with which many men agree
Even if it isn't, yet, complete equality.

There are roving gangs of boys out doing what they can,
Beating up offenders which they're calling "Be A Man."
I think that's the problem; now's the time to be a girl...
Make a change and give respect for other folks a whirl.


  1. love your work, welcome joining us, by sharing a poem, visit your peers, and enjoy the fun.

  2. Dear Sandy, you're being too kind.
    One look at my blog and you'll find
    That poetry's not
    A skill set I've got
    But proof that I'm losing my mind.