Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Paula Broadwell, et al. - Really?

Not cool Paula.  Not cool.

Women who lead married men into adultery
(Guys can be so stupid.  They'll succumb to flattery)
Knowing there's a wife at home but flirting anyway...
Why do they not stop and think of her before they stray?

Even smart, accomplished men fall victim to the ploy.
I think they can't help it. Deep inside they're still a boy
Ruled by the equipment dangling between their legs.
They revert to glory days - fraternities and kegs.

It's the "other woman" who I'll never understand.
Shouldn't she be smart enough to know a wedding band
Means the man is taken and, therefore, it's wrong to flirt?
In this type of situation, everyone  gets hurt.

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