Monday, November 12, 2012

The New England Patriots - An Ugly Win is Still a Win

Some teams reserve a seat for Elvis.  This Veteran's Day, New England permanently reserved one for our true patriots. (Photo/David Silverman)

Even though the Patriots hung on to beat the Bills
I'm afraid my heart can't take these kind of late game thrills.
If you didn't care who won I'm sure the game was great.
When you like New England though, these are the kind you hate.

Our Defense is 29th - that's out of 32.
Bills are not the first team to come back; there've been a few.
Thank gods for McCourty and Fitzpatrick's awful throw...
Up until the end he put on an impressive show.

Brady's looking sharp again; he's also looking mad.
Screaming at poor Edelman when he did something bad.
Maybe he should take his temper out on Safeties first.
Don't know why they cannot stop deep passes.  Are they cursed?

What is it the sports gods want? They've got my sweat and tears.
I guess we appeased them with the volume of our cheers;
Bills did not come back to win despite how hard they tried...
Late game interception proved the gods were on our side.

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