Monday, November 26, 2012

Across the Pond - Pharaoh Morsi

Figured that Thanksgiving was ideal to take a break.
Thought it would be quiet; that was clearly a mistake.
Egypt has a Pharaoh now; the Muslim Brotherhood
Placed itself beyond the law and that, my friends, ain't good.

Morsi says his actions won't be subject to review...
Neither judges nor the law can tell him what to do.
Says it's only temporary; his intentions pure.
Demonstrators back in Tahrir Square don't seem as sure.

Morsi was elected as the President because
The reformers couldn't choose which candidate theirs was.
Liberal choices split the vote; Conservatives stepped in.
Feels as if the Arab Spring released an evil djinn.

Middle East is frightening with Syria, Iran,
(Not to mention our poor troops still in Afghanistan)
Israel and Palestine and Turkey's bomb request...
Almost every one of them wants something from the West.

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