Thursday, November 01, 2012

Race for the White House - Dear Abby

Screencap of a disheartened Abigael from a video uploaded by Elizabeth Evans
Me too, Abby...  Me too.

Do not cry dear Abby.  The election's almost through;
Though, I promise, everyone is feeling just like you.
Like your Mom, whenever I am driving in my car,
I am also listening to local NPR...

Abby dear, please trust me; you think radio is bad?
Stay away from FOX and Friends and warn your Mom and Dad.
Until this election's through, while lying in your bed,
Dream of pleasant things, my dear, and rest your tired head.

Pretty soon, with any luck, the President will win;
You won't have to look at Romney's constipated grin
But, should Mr. Romney win, I cannot tell a lie -
Abby, you are not the only one who's gonna cry.

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