Monday, November 05, 2012

Race for the White House - Election Eve

Cartoon credit/Chattanooga Times Free Press
Here it is - Election Eve. The race is nearly done.
Only thing that's left to do is vote, then see who won.
I support Obama.  If you've ever read my rhymes
You'll know I think Romney's changed his mind too many times.

I know he's a decent man, but I think Mitt is wrong.
Trust me...  I've been paying close attention all along.
Want to know the reason the economy's been slow?
It's because Republicans are always saying "No."

Industries will not invest if they cannot be sure
Government can compromise; not stay Tea Party pure.
(Simply look across the pond; austerity won't work.)
Bottom line; the problem? Mitch McConnell's been a jerk.

Hope that, if Obama wins, they'll take it as a sign -
With a looming fiscal cliff, some compromise is fine.
Time to see a course more middle-of-the-road gets steered.
Need to rein the right wing in...  They're getting kinda weird.

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