Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dear President Obama; Sincere Condolences on Your Victory

Listened to Obama's speech before I went to bed.
One more time unto the breach, as William Shakespeare said.
4 more years to get it right and fix whatever's wrong...
4 more years to try and drag Republicans along.

Watched returns on PBS and, now and then, on FOX -
Just to see what message they'd take from the ballot box.
Country's still divided and, 'though Democrats have won,
I'm afraid the next 4 years aren't gonna be much fun.

FOX believes that Romney lost the race because he's rich,
And that he was moderate before he made the switch...
Wasn't quite conservative enough to fit the bill.
4 more years of crap like that is gonna make me ill.

I can only hope for change in Congress - that they'll see
Time to work together...  Country needs the GOP.
Loyal opposition as we hurtle towards the cliff;
Not like folks on FOX and Friends.  Those people scare me stiff.

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