Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving (A Little Bit Early)

Norman Rockwell's iconic Thanksgiving.  Notice how he doesn't show you what this poor woman's kitchen looks like...  Or mention the fact that she's only 42?

Here I sit - the place a mess - Thanksgiving on the way
(In the winter we're the hosts for every holiday).
Have to get up off my bum and go and clean the house;
Don't want to embarrass either children or my spouse.

Thankfully our guests are all extended family...
They're aware of what they'll get when they come visit me.
There'll be lots of food and drink and, if you've room, there's pie.
There'll be food to take with you when you must say goodbye.

There'll be people who you love and they all love you back
If you can ignore the fact the china's got a crack,
Carpet is a little worn, and Bailey always sheds,
And (with Dr. Seussilitis) I use wine for meds.

Since there is so much to do and there's so little time
I will not be back before Thanksgiving for a rhyme.
Thanks to those who, in my youth, invited in a stray.
Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday.

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