Thursday, November 29, 2012

The 112th Congress - Because They've Got Nothing Better To Do

US Ambassador to the United Nations - Susan Rice.  (Photo/The Telegraph)

What, exactly, is it that Republicans oppose?
Nomination that Obama has yet to propose?
Susan Rice read talking points.  It turns out they were wrong.
Now the rumors of conspiracy are going strong.

FOX News is all over it; they say Rice told a lie.
Went and spun the facts so they'd look better for her guy.
Claim she knew al Qaeda was behind the whole attack;
That her motivation was to have Obama's back.

Never mind the fact the CIA said it was them,
And forget the other Rice (the one who's not a Dem.)
This Rice had no luck at all when she went to The Hill,
Now the voice of opposition's started growing shrill.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are sure it's all a trick;
And it looks like others may have joined their little clique.
I guess, with elections over, there's air-time to fill.
Crazy controversies give the FOX and Friends a thrill.

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