Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Race for the White House - The Suspense Isn't Killing Me

Photo credit: USANews.com
 Turnout is expected to be very low today.
Voters know that Romney's it - no matter what they say.
No enthusiasm for him; just don't trust the guy.
That is why Mitt Romney's still continuing to buy

Millions in commercials. 'though the outcome is foretold
Most hard-line conservatives aren't feeling all that sold.
(That's right! Newt's still in it - has refused to take a bow.)

 Lately, I'm disgusted with "them"... Not sure who to blame.
Millions of Americans appear to feel the same.
We're all sick of scoring points against the other side;
Can't believe the gap between our views has grown so wide.

Hope the conversation turns to fixing what's gone wrong;
Figuring a way to make the 2 sides get along.
Do not waste our time with stupid stories about dogs...
Give us plans - with details - when you're writing in your blogs.