Monday, April 16, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Thank You Sports Gods


Thank you to the sports gods; now I'm praying for a sweep
('though I'll take the loss and not complain - nope - not a peep)
If, instead, they'd guarantee the Yankees lose next week...
Give us that and we'll trade in our current winning streak.

Papi has been really hot ('though he's no longer Big);
Used to be a bat he held seemed like a little twig.
He's been on a diet; looks as good as he now plays.
Can't believe the runs he's scored, of late, against the Rays.

All this week at Fenway there are birthday parties planned.
Famous names throughout the years, from what I understand,
Will attend to mark the start of our 100th year.
Sadly, there's a sour note; no Tito there I hear.

(Not so long ago, a hero to the Red Sox Nation)
Said he wants no part of it and he cannot be blamed...
I would skip it too if I - like he - had been defamed.

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