Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Memoriam - Mike Wallace

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Article first published as In Memorium: Mike Wallace on Technorati.

Mike Wallace (1918 - 2012) Photo credit:

At the age of 93, Mike Wallace passed away.
He's the man who pioneered techniques still used today.
Master of surprise attacks, Mike Wallace once struck fear
Into hearts of those he interviewed from year to year.

He could be abrasive; sometimes, questions made me wince
But we've never seen his like again - before or since.
Famous for his courage; put Depression on the map.
Told the world about the time Westmoreland made him snap.

Rest in peace now, sir. Your legacy is safe and sound.
Even though you've gone from us, your style is still around.
When you get to heaven (for I'm sure that's where you'll be)
Don't tick off the Lord; tell Andy Rooney "Hi" for me.

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