Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Secret Service's (Not So Secret) Dirty, Little Secret

Photo credit: Associated Press
Geographic bachelors who travel T.A.D.*
"Wheels up - rings off"'s a tradition not unknown to me.
Cannot say that I approve, although I know it's done;
Work hard, all day, macho style... At night you have some fun.

Many sailors had themselves a wife in every port
('though not the majority, I'm happy to report.)
Still, I always thought the Secret Service was exempt
Knowing that the President's a target that will tempt

Every crackpot loony who would like to take a shot.
Looks like, in Colombia, the team sent there forgot.
Here's what I don't understand; Obama is to blame?
That's the line Republicans have taken.  Pretty lame.

Seems to me the President has plenty on his plate.
Not his job to check out those who his protectors date.
Now the bunch will lose their jobs as penance for their sin.
In a fight with prostitutes the johns don't ever win.

(*Temporary Assigned Duty aka  Traveling Around Drunk)

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