Saturday, April 07, 2012

Race for the White House - Super PACs and Karl Rove (Again)

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Article first published as Crossroads GPS? Meet Citizens for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, SHH on Technorati.
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Citizens United and the Super PACs it's spawned
Make donations secret so that citizens get conned
Into thinking all the ads they're seeing on T.V.
Represent the mainstream views of folks like you and me.

They would be mistaken, though. That isn't how it works.
Behind non-disclosure's where the puppet master lurks.
Thinks that secret funding's good; but I do not agree.

Ads have an agenda; that is what an ad is for.
If we don't know whose agenda, how do we keep score?
Facts can be distorted when told from another's view.
I would like to know who's paying for it.  Wouldn't you?

IRS has started asking questions.  Rove's outraged.
Don't know why - for, even if this oversight's engaged -
Super PACs won't have to make disclosures; not until
After the elections will we know who paid the bill.

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