Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blogging - Sports vs. Politics


Turns out that the rhymes most viewed are those I've done on sports
(If I'm understanding what this Google site reports)
That's been true of other sites; well, really only one...
Back on Steve King's Message Board where I wrote rhymes for fun.

Started threads on government and one to say "Hello";
Started one on Red Sox and (from what the numbers show)
When it comes to politics, most people do not care.
Somehow I'd imagined that was just the case on there.

People go to Stephen's site to read about his books;
See what he's releasing next and find out how it looks.
Didn't want to blather on about this other stuff;
Figured that the Moderator'd surely had enough.

But the same has happened here as happened on his site.
People tend to skip the rhymes on politics I write.
That's okay; the Red Sox stuff is easier to do.
Happy to continue with them if it pleases you.

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