Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Countdown to Opening Day

Verlander (0-0) vs Lester (0-0)

Here it comes - that time of year - the baseball season starts;
When we'll have a chance for mending last year's broken hearts.
Red Sox play the Tigers in Detroit to Open up.
Do I think that Verlander will give us problems? Yup.

Still, I'm optimistic that the Sox will pull it out.
Even if the Tigers win I don't intend to pout.
Sports gods tend to favor those with Openers at home;
Teams have an advantage when they do not have to roam.

That's okay 'cause, pretty soon, they'll be on Yawkey Way.
I don't start to count until we meet with Tampa Bay.
As for now, I'll put my trust in Bobby Valentine...
I like what I've seen this Spring. I think that he'll do fine.

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