Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Boston Bruins - Goodbye at the Garden

Boston Bruins saluted their fans at the Garden last night.  Their fans saluted them right back.

Last night, Boston sports fans saw their hopes collapse in ruins;
Capitals of Washington were here...  They beat the Bruins.
Stunned and silent hockey fans sat, slumping, in their seat.
Shocked - for just a moment - by their overtime defeat.

Then they did the city proud.  They rose and cheered the team.
Garden's roof resounded with the crowd's approving scream.
Though the skill is not the first that most of us would choose,
Unlike many cities; Boston's fans know how to lose.

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I may have to eat my words; I read the Twittersphere -
Found that shocking racial slurs originated here.
No excuses for such crap - not even when you're mad.
Seems a few Neanderthals have made us all look bad.

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