Monday, April 02, 2012

Blogging - Stephen King's Message Board

2 months I've been blogging now - A new rhyme every day
Bet you've started wishing I would, please, just go away.
As you may have noticed; I've been writing for a site.
Heck, I'm even "tweeting" now.  The future's looking bright.

Just one major drawback; I don't see my other friends
Spidey, Blunthead, Gentle Giant; I will make amends.
Pat and ~Ally~, Cat and Mod? I miss you guys a lot.
All of you on Sai King's Board... Don't think that I've forgot.

Stephen King's Official site is where I first got sick.
Started off there normal - something in my brain went "click"
Soon I started rhyming everything I had to say,
Therefore, don't blame me - It's Stephen King's fault I'm this way.

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