Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blogging - NaPoWriMo Contest


Heard about a challenge and decided I would play.
Have to write a poem throughout April, every day.
I've already blown it 'cause I take the weekends off,
And because the rhymes I write would make real poets scoff.

I've checked out some of the sites that I'm competing with.
Should I even try to play? I'll have to plead the Fifth.
They are very talented - I've got a little knack.
Poets give you gourmet meals; I'm a junk food snack.

But, I figured; "What the heck? It's only meant for fun."
If I get more readers from it, I've already won.
I guess I'll get busy making up for losing time...
Please though, do remember; it's not poetry.  It's rhyme.


  1. Awww, this is cute! I like "Poets give you gourmet meals; I'm a junk food snack."