Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Across the Pond - Syrian Escalation

excerpted from
Article first published as Syria Fires Into Turkey and Lebanon on Technorati.
Syrian President Bashar al Assad (Photo credit: The Examiner)

I would think that escalation isn't what was meant
After all the time and effort Kofi Annan spent
Hashing out agreements with the Syrian regime
But, that's what he's gotten for his efforts it would seem.

Now, instead of winding down, Assad is ramping up.
Should we have anticipated he would do so? Yup.
But I never dreamed he'd dare to shoot and injure Turks,
Well across the border, doing refuge aid works.

Turkey's not the only country's border that's been crossed;
Lebanese photographer was also shot and lost.
It's not just the Syrians that Assad's people killed.
I would bet his few remaining allies weren't thrilled.

How much longer will it be?  How many more must die
Before Russians and Chinese are tired of the guy?
Very clear his promises to stop to the UN
Are a stalling tactic that will fail. What happens then?

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