Friday, April 20, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Fenway's Big Day

Over 50,000 streamed through Fenway's Open House.
(Would have liked to join them but I had to meet my spouse.)
Man and woman, boy and girl - all wandered 'round the Park.
By the time they'd finished it was almost growing dark.

It was thoughtful that the owners let the Nation in.
Now, to make this birthday perfect; have to get the win.
Yankees have been gracious; they'll wear uniforms of old.
Something that they never do; or so I have been told.

It's a stunning day for it; the April air is mild.
When the Red Sox take the field and Fenway's fans go wild
Hope that New York's Yankees will bestow another gift;
"Let the Wookie win it." It's his birthday.  Get my drift? - Fenway, circa 1912

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