Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Dear CDC... Never Mind

(Photo of Ebola virus courtesy of itv.com)

CDC's too busy to investigate my claim;
Seussilitis on the rise and me the one to blame.
They've got bigger problems that they need to focus on.
I will try again once this Ebola threat is gone.

Right now I'd prefer them keeping both eyes on that ball;
Drop this one and it could be a death knell for us all.
With two recent incidents when other balls were dropped
And Ebola's spread in Africa - which hasn't stopped -

I don't want the CDC to waste its precious time
Worrying some Typhoid Mary's out there spreading rhyme.
My disease won't kill you, it will only drive you nuts.
I want those folks working hard on saving people's butts.

1 comment:

  1. i cant speak for other dr seussilitis fans, but i have missed my daily fix of humor on the sands, so i say welcome back mrs. S., the world is still a mess, but you do make it less , with your wisdom and humor I'm hooked, I confess.