Friday, August 15, 2014

A Peaceful Night in Ferguson, MO

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Ferguson stayed calm last night for, though "the law" was near,
It was not their local forces wearing riot gear.
There weren't any S.W.A.T. teams pointing automatic guns;
There weren't K-9s snarling for a chance to bite their buns.

Protestors in Ferguson are upset with police;
One just killed an unarmed boy.  Since then, there's been no peace.
Roving mobs set fires and then stopped to grab some loot.
Elsewhere, crowds began the chant of "Hands up" and "Don't shoot."

Heavy-handed tactics - armored trucks and stun grenades,
Tear gas, rubber bullets, cops dressed up for Black Ops raids -
Didn't lead to confidence from people in the town
Who are, justly, angry at the killing of Mike Brown.

No one's sure if last night's peace will hold, although there's hope.
(Highway cops will stay to help the local forces cope.)
One thing that seems certain is this kind of tragedy
Strikes at young, black men with an alarming frequency.

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