Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Poor Sarah

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Sarah Palin's channel has been generating buzz;
She attacked a Massachusetts' Senator because
Warren's a Progressive.  In a speech she gave a list
Of the things that she believes.  You missed it?  Here's the gist:

She believes Progressives (whom the Right wing call "elites")
Have to start addressing problems in our nation's streets;
Need to regulate the banks, demand a decent wage...
Made the case for student loans and science while on stage.

In a strange rebuttal Sarah's calling "common sense"
Palin acted like she'd taken personal offense.
Mocking and sarcastic; condescending in her tone,
Sometimes incoherent, in a style that's all her own.

Normally, when Sarah Palin starts to move her lips,
I sit back and laugh about her many verbal slips.
Sometimes I make popcorn but I've started feeling bad;
Turns out mental illness isn't funny...  It's just sad.


  1. toting a gun with no boots amd no glasses. proof that she is still the queen of the asses. still trying to get her name in the press, attacking miss warren wont do it, I"d guess. does she look vice presidential to you? just start, ms palin, by adding a muumuu.