Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Missouri's Governor Nixon

(Photo/Courtesy of youtube.com)
"Always listen to police," is what I've told my sons.
"They'll protect and serve you and, besides, they're wearing guns...
"Doesn't do to argue with a person who is armed."
But I've never really worried either would be harmed.

Both my sons are white, suburban teenagers, you see.
That police might kill my kids had not occurred to me.
I cannot imagine how a black man's mother feels;
I have tried to do it...  The imagination reels.

Teenage boys do stupid things sometimes; that's just a fact.
If it's bad enough that the police get in the act
Studies show that, if you're white, you're probably okay...
If you're black they handcuff you and haul your ass away.

It's no wonder white police do not inspire trust.
Something has to change...  I think diversity's a must.
We need more equality within policemen's ranks.
Then we have to ask ourselves; do local cops need tanks?

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