Friday, August 08, 2014

Happy Birthday Darlin'

Photo: We all wear a lot of hats on clean up day. This goofy guy was a big help as well as very photogenic!
We're so proud.  (Photo/Courtesy of Peter S. Corr, IV)

Our eldest is turning 19
But I still remember the scene;
My hospital bed,
He - wrinkled and red -
Then placed in my arms, pink and clean.

Our family, there in a crowd,
Could tell he'd arrived; he was loud.
Now, over the years,
With love, laughs (some tears)
This young man has made us all proud...

Except for the times he did not.
Today, though, that's better forgot.
We'll dwell on the joy
We've gained from the boy
And not on the times that were fraught.

Your entire family loves you darlin'.  Happy 19th Birthday with wishes for many, many more.

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  1. I see it was "hat day" at the beach house, with Auntie Kate teaching our boy how to count. then, again, maybe his counting is accurate,