Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Boycotting Burger King

If corporations are people they aren't very patriotic people.

Burger King bought "Timmy" Hortons.  It's Canadian.
Picture Dunkin' Donuts, multiply by Starbucks, then
You will get a good idea of just how big they are...
So Canadian, their founder was a hockey star.

In what's known as "tax inversion" Burger King can claim
They, too, are Canadians.  Although that's pretty lame;
U.S. taxes corporations with headquarters here
On the worldwide profits that those corporations clear.

Other countries tax on profits companies make there.
Now big corporations all buy businesses somewhere
Taxes aren't as high as here. ('though Burger King has said
That is not the reason they've climbed in Tim Hortons' bed...)

Maybe not.  Yet, still, the consequences are the same
And they're just the latest in this tax evasion game.
There are calls to boycott them; their move will make us broker...
But I'd be a hypocrite because I am a smoker.

Here in Massachusetts, cigarettes are twice the price
Of New Hampshire's cigarettes; they take a smaller slice.
Still, at least they get a piece; the Bay State? None at all.
Me boycotting Burger King would take a lot of gall. 

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