Thursday, August 28, 2014

Congratulations Artie T. From a Hannaford Customer

(Photo of Arthur T. Demoulas courtesy of
Last night, Arthur T. Demoulas bought his business back;
Good news for the people who've felt Market Baskets' lack.
It's not just employees who've been praying for this day,
Nor the many customers who chose to stay away,

It's not just the Governors of two adjacent states,
Nor that team of managers (whom everybody hates)
Feeling thrilled that this is over and the boycotts through...
This here loyal Hannaford consumer's happy, too.

Once the shelves at Market Basket - finally - have food
Maybe all those massive crowds will leave...  I know that's rude.
I'd feel sorry if I didn't also know it's true
They'll be just as happy...  Hannaford's been like a zoo.

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