Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear ISIS... You Wanted Our Attention?

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ISIS sent a "Message to America" last night;
Murdering a journalist - a sad and gruesome sight.
Foley's from New Hampshire, it's my next-door neighbor state.
Prayers go out to those impacted by this act of hate.

As for ISIS members... Guys; your message is received.
Thought you'd like our full attention?  That's what you believed?
Wanted us to notice when the A.Q.A.P.* guys
(They're the ones with plastic bombs) signed up with you? Surprise!

Although we've been thinking we should put a stop to you
You've just made it likelier that that is what we'll do.
You've been getting beaten by our air and drone attack?
What you guys may not have known is - we've been holding back.

All you've done is make us angry.  Trust me when I say
You won't like it when we're angry. You will rue the day
You got the attention of the whole United States
Who'd now like to see you bastards' heads served up on plates.

*al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

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