Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for School Boards

Pediatric specialists say teens need extra sleep;
Say that schools should change the current schedules they keep.
Start of school should be delayed; let teenagers sleep in.
Later in the morning's when their classes should begin.

Isn't just my observations of our own two sons,
They (as recent studies show) are not the only ones
Who have spent the summer staying in their beds 'til noon...
They are gonna be in shock 'cause school is starting soon.

Youngest must be up at 6 or else he will be late;
Oldest (he's at P.S.U.) has his first class at 8.
Even when they set alarms they never hear the bell;
Neither one can function at that hour very well.

Younger kids like mornings and they're already awake;
Let them have the early start and give their moms a break.
I bet if you asked the teachers they would all agree
And I guarantee that teens would greet the change with glee.

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