Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for the Demoulas Family


"Please re-open the Market Basket,"
'though he's not the first one to ask it,
The Governor tried;
Said 'Swallow your pride
And, if you feel hurt, learn to mask it.

Because that's what relatives do.'
Believe me...  I've got quite a few.
With bad attitude
A family feud,
With sides choosing who's story's true,

Can - quickly - get way out of hand;
More nasty than anyone planned.
With customers lacking
Employees are backing
Their old boss.  United they stand.

It's already gone on for weeks
It's time, now, that Artie T. speaks;
Tells workers 'No more
Go back to their store.'
If it's a solution he seeks.


  1. Did you know that the Governor's wife, is connected to all of this strife. the law firm representing Arthur

    s. employs her, hows that for a mess.

    1. I did hear the Governor's wife
      Is, in her professional life,
      Employed by the man
      Who gave Art the can
      The guy who's behind all this strife.

      But, even once that came to light,
      I still think the Governor's right.
      As resources drain
      There's nothing to gain
      And plenty who lose in this fight.