Monday, August 11, 2014

Golf Sucks

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Well done Rory McIlroy - our latest Tiger Woods
Or our newest Nicklaus - like them, he's got the goods.
Won another major yesterday - and in the dark.
Makes golf look sooo easy; like he's strolling in the park.

I went golfing yesterday and easy it was not.
Driver off the tee at 1...  A pretty decent shot.
Finished triple bogie 'cause I cannot make a putt.
Mr. S. got better as we played; he kicked my butt.

Go ask Woods or Bubba if they think the game's a snap.
Tiger didn't make the cut and Watson played like crap.
Go ask Phil or Fowler if they think that golf is fun;
Losing to this Irish kid beneath a setting sun.

Why do people play this game?  It only breaks our heart.
Why do pros not warn us of the perils at the start?
Now I have to hit the range and then the putting green
Because, yesterday - in awful golf - I was the Queen.


  1. you are missing the point, I feel I must say. you went out and enjoyed a beautiful day. with someone you love, and a game you enjoy, count your blessings , take some Advil, and smile at your boys.

    1. It's true that it's only a game
      And I am the one I should blame
      For not having fun
      In yesterday's sun...
      If only I'd had better aim.