Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Dear Furloughed Federal Employees...

Now you'll have time to read.

To the newly unemployed; the clerks and astronauts,
Forest rangers, nurses who administer flu shots,
Workers at museums, people processing new claims...
Welcome to our ranks as Congress plays its stupid games.

Hope you have some savings put away and it's enough
Since the road to compromise ahead looks pretty rough.
President Obama says the ACA's the law.
Tea Party has disagreed - it's sticking in their craw -

So they've forced their Speaker, a Republican, to flinch.
Want to stop Obamacare...  They're kinda like the Grinch.
(I think that the GOP should read more Dr. Seuss...
Maybe they could learn a thing or two, but what's the use?

Cruz, who read Green Eggs and Ham, appeared to miss the point;
You should try new things before your nose gets out of joint.)
While you're out on furlough, play some golf, enjoy the day,
Or enroll for health care which has opened anyway.

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