Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Un-Sweet 16th Birthday

Boys do not turn "Sweet 16" I'm told...  That's just for girls.
(In my day it meant you could wear make-up, heels, and pearls.
You were finally  old enough to go out on a date;
Curfew went to midnight which, to me, seems pretty late.)

Boys would rather die before their mother calls them sweet;
Damages their credibility out on the street.
Youngest turns 16 today; we gave our son a phone.
Took him out to dinner after, but I dined alone.

He was busy texting, tweeting, watching video...
Had to snap my fingers, twice, when it was time to go.
16's so significant because he wants to drive;
Scary when you've seen him playing Grand Theft Auto 5.

Happy Birthday darlin'...  Your mother loves you.

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