Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Unsolicited Advice for the 113th Congress

Here it is; the day this lunacy has got to end.
Last chance for the Congress to agree that they'll extend
Full faith and the credit to the debts our country owes.
All the world is watching us to see which way it goes.

Europeans can't believe it's ever come to this.
Such a stupid spectacle is one they'd rather miss.
Congress on the precipice and fighting at the edge.
(I would bet, in future, our investors choose to hedge.)

Credit rating's teetering and will be going down,
Causing repercussions that you'll feel in your hometown.
All of this uncertainty already took a toll.
Speaker Boehner needs to prove he hasn't sold his soul

Does he want his job so badly that he will allow
Damage even worse than what the country's feeling now?
Will he let our Treasuries become a worthless note?
Find a Senate compromise and let the Congress vote!

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