Monday, October 14, 2013

Joy in Mudville

Fans across New England have been overwhelmed with joy.
Last night, sports gods treated our emotions like a toy;
Patriots and Red Sox looked like they were gonna lose.
Brady threw an interception, late, and I heard boos. 

Many left - convinced New Orleans' victory was sealed...
Half the seats were empty when the Pats drove down the field.
Just 10 seconds on the clock, New England down by 4,
Brady threw to Thompkins in the end zone for the score.

If that win was not enough, next up - the Red Sox game.
They had lost the night before and this looked much the same;
Tigers' pitchers managing to shut the Red Sox down...
Not a lot of hitting for the fans in their hometown.

Outlook wasn't brilliant for the home-team but, once more
(Kinda like the Patriots - the Red Sox down by 4)
With the bases loaded Papi stepped up to the plate;
People held their breath - and prayed - in homes throughout the state.

Unlike poor old Casey at the Bat, this mighty swing
Sent the ball out deep to right where Hunter got a ding
Trying to prevent the tying Grand Slam by Ortiz,
Missed the ball...  Which sent the Red Sox Faithful to their knees.

Red Sox won it 6 to 5 and I'm still out of breath...
Both my teams in games where they were looking close to death.
Both teams, with a miracle, came back and got the wins.
Now their fans wear disbelieving, but triumphant, grins.