Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Dear Congress... Enough Already


"No one wants Obama Care," Republicans insist.
Tell that to the millions who attempted to enlist.
There was so much traffic that computer systems crashed...
Signing up for programs that Conservatives have trashed.

Ted Cruz, who's a Senator (and Speaker of the House?)
Lit a fire that's becoming difficult to douse.
We are past the boiling point - which makes for bitter Tea -
Fighting to block health care many want, apparently.

If you couldn't sign up for Obama Care, don't fret;
We're not even close to any deadlines for it yet
(Unlike our economy; it's running out of time...
But I'll save that topic for tomorrow's silly rhyme.)

People at the registries are back at work today;
(Not like furloughed workers who've been told to stay away)
It might still be busy and you may be put on hold...
A.C.A. is popular, despite what we've been told.

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