Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Boston Red Sox Fans Are Weird.

Red Sox are advancing 'cause, last night, we beat the Rays.
Don't know who we're playing next; the Tigers or the A's.
All we know is we'll be here at home and better rested.
Fans have hopes so high right now, we ought'a be arrested.

Saturday is game one in the A.L. pennant chase.
Either way, whichever team the Red Sox have to face,
They will feel the Fenway Faithful - many with a beard...
Proving to the nation that, up here, we're kinda weird.

I make no predictions 'cause I want the Sox to win.
I don't want to jinx the team before the games begin.
When I write a rhyme about my teams they tend to lose.
You would not take chances either, were you in my shoes.

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