Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The 113th Congress - What Kind of Example is This?


Do we want to show the world that we'll negotiate
If the threat is big enough?  Well, isn't that just great?
Less than perfect timing (just to understate the facts)
Threaten world economies until the Congress acts.

With a common enemy the Arab street unites;
We're that common enemy - ignoring sovereign rights.
Two raids into Africa; a city street, a beach...
One man's being questioned but the other's out of reach.

Egypt doesn't like the fact we can't support their coup.
In Afghanistan their President is angry, too.
Karzai says he won't agree to sign a long-term deal
'cause we never stop to ask the Afghans how they feel.

Pakistan and Yemen hate that we use unmanned drones;
All the world is mad the NSA is tapping phones.
Now they get to watch and see our government not work...
Anyone who'd sign up for this kind of thing's a jerk.

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