Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Boston Red Sox - Fear the Beard.

Somewhere over the rainbow.  (Photo/Red Sox)

Last night, when Jon Lester got the start and took the mound,
Game 1 of the Series played on Fenway's hallowed ground,
Pitching was amazing; held the Cardinals to 1.
Red Sox hitters came alive to score us 8...  We won!

My B hat is blue and red and yet, at heart, it's pink...
And, since I am superstitious, I've begun to think
Part of why we're winning is connected to the beard.
Yes, I know that's crazy but we Boston fans are weird.

I look at the evidence; the balls that bounced away,
Watched as umps reversed a call - don't see that every day -
Saw a pitcher call a ball and then just stand and stare.
Pretty clear to me; the sports gods must like facial hair.

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