Monday, October 28, 2013

A Weird World Series

Photo/Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox Collection: Getty Images Sport

This has been the weirdest Series I have ever seen...
Sometimes I could not believe my HDTV screen.
Both games in St. Louis finished with the strangest plays.
Baseball sports gods must be working overtime these days.

Game 3's controversial call; obstruction at 3rd base.
Salty threw to Middlebrooks, who landed on his face.
As he tried to get back up he blocked the runner's path.
Game was tied; the call was made at home...  You do the math.

Was the call correctly made?  The experts say it was.
Not mad at the ump for that - was mad at him because
His strike zone kept changing; seemed he had a favorite team.
Red Sox' strikes called "balls" so often ...  Made me want to scream.

Game 4 had a shocking end as well; a play at 1st.
Runner had a tiny lead but got his feet reversed.
Koji turned and threw him out.  Game over. Boston wins
Thanks, in part, to Jonny Gomes. Henceforth, absolved of sins.

Game 5 is a rematch and Jon Lester gets the call.
In Game 1 he was accused of doctoring the ball.
Who knows what will happen next but - something else that's weird -
Cards are growing whiskers now... They've learned to fear the beard.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Madeleine;

      The Sox (now up 3 games to 2
      Because of the way Lester threw)
      Are coming back home...
      They ditched shaving foam;
      They win due to beards that they grew.

      Fear the Beard... ;D