Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Middle East Update - Making Friends Wherever We Go.

Iraq isn't better with us gone; in fact, it's worse.
Sunnis and the Shia are both fighting to reverse
Any signs of progress that their country may have made.
Now, it seems, they're wishing that our weapons systems stayed.

Sharing common borders with the Syrians, Iraq
Is a frequent target of a suicide attack.
Someone blows themselves - and others - into bloody bits;
Almost every single day some random violence hits.

Saudis are unhappy we've not played a larger role;
Don't believe it's possible that we'll achieve our goal
Of a peaceful Middle East until Assad is stopped.
Israel's not thrilled Iran might get its sanctions dropped.

Egypt's mad at funding cuts (because they had a coup.)
Pakistan and Libya are angry with us, too.
Nation building's not our strength so, once a war gets won,
We should not just walk away from countries...  We should run.

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