Friday, April 05, 2013

Dear Secretary Kerry... Unsolicited Advice for North Korea

Kim Jong-un keeps ramping up the tensions overseas:
Making plans for bringing Austin, Texas to its knees,
Opening reactors, shutting down a factory,
Threatening to launch a missile if we don't agree.

Seems he wants the sanctions lifted, so he's talking tough.
If the man were rational I'd swear it's all a bluff,
But he doesn't strike me as a very stable guy.
Doesn't seem to care that we could blow Pyongyang sky high.

How are we supposed to deal with someone who's a loon?
Maybe we should send in Dennis Rodman pretty soon.
He can speak the language; he's established a rapport.
Our Marines could land him on the North Korean's shore.

Dennis could explain to Kim Jong-un the basic facts;
Talking tough is one thing, but if North Korea acts,
It will be the Russians and the Chinese who are mad
And they might arrange a swift reunion with his dad.

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